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10 August, 2023

Café Prices

We are sorry to have to announce that from the beginning of July we will be increasing our menu prices.  Like everyone else, we are facing increased costs in running the shop, especially in the café.  The cost of ingredients and electricity, plus our wages bill have all jumped quite considerably over the last 12 months and the only way we can recover some of these costs is by increasing the café’s prices.

We hope that you will realise that we are still trying to offer value for money and are endeavouring to keep the rises as low as possible.  But with food inflation running just below 20%, this year’s price rises are a bit steeper than normal; we will try to stay in line with the market, if not a little lower.  

Kelsie Ackland

In April’s newsletter we welcomed Kelsie as our new café manager.  She has completed her probationary period and is now a permanent member of staff, although there was little doubt that she would fail it!

Help wanted with the web site!

Over the years I have developed a web site for first, New Creation, and now for Lighthouse.  I have been using a program called WebPlus from Serif.  This was an easy-to-use program but unfortunately Serif stopped supporting it some years ago and it is now getting left behind as the internet moves forward.

I’m looking for someone who can guide me towards a more up to date package, like Wordpress, and help me get started.  I can do the bulk of the work once I am shown the ropes.  I have tried a couple of so-called Wordpress beginner’s guides, but in both cases I could not even get started.  One said load the program and showed what I should be seeing on the screen but failed to tell me how to do it.  Try as I might I could find no way of even getting to the first screen.

Of course, if someone feels they would like to take over running Lighthouse’s web site, that would be great, but in the meantime can anyone out there help me get started on updating it?

Ligthouse Newsletter Number 22 - July 2023

As some of you may know, Grace, our deputy manager (who runs the café end of the shop), is due to be (or was, depending on when you are reading this) married on 25th June to Josh.  She has also decided to move on to pastures new and has taken a job working for the Diocese of Exeter as their Communications and Engagement Officer.  This means that she will be leaving us just a few days before her wedding.  Grace will be missed by us and our customers, and we wish her well in her new post.

We have a vacancy

With the departure of Grace we are starting the search for her replacement as Deputy Manager.  The successful applicant will be expected to be responsible for running the café, including preparing, cooking and serving food, and the ability to do this is essential.  They will have to be able to bake cakes and produce tray-bakes to a consistently high standard as we are trying to develop a reputation for homemade cakes.  They will have to show such an ability during the probationary period before being taken on permanently.

They will also be required to be able to deputise for the Manager during periods of holidays or sickness.  On-the-job training will be given, and it is not expected that the candidate would be able to take over immediately, but we do expect them to show a willingness to learn during the probationary period.

Most of the other duties involve dealing with customers, some administration and help in keeping the shop premises clean and tidy.  This is a part time job, working 3 days a week and one Saturday morning a month by mutual arrangement.

More details of what is involved are included in the Job Application Pack available from the shop or email us for a copy.  We haven’t set a closing date for applications yet but do not expect it to be before the end of July.

In the meantime, can you please pray for Lighthouse, that a suitable person will come forward to fill this post.