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1 October, 2023

An unusual email!

A few weeks ago I received an email from Alison, who lives in Cornwall.  She had come across our website while looking for Christian booksellers and noticed that we gave away second-hand Bibles.  She asked if this service was only for local people, or would we post Bibles to other places.  She was looking for a large print King James Bible and was interested in other versions too.

I replied explaining the situation at Lighthouse and pointed out that because I was dealing with her email from home, I could not check what second-hand Bibles we had in stock at present.  I also explained that we don’t have a system in place to post books out, but that I could send her a Bible if she was willing to pay for the postage.  I also asked what other versions she was interested in.

Alison replied, say in addition to the King James she would like an NIV and a Message.  She also said that she would like some CDs, mentioning an artist.

A few days later I was in the shop and able to check our stock.  We did not have any King James Bibles but had a large print NIV and a Message.  I checked the second-hand CDs and, although we did not have any by her preferred artist, had some other similar ones.  I emailed Alison to that effect, sending photographs of the two books.

I received a reply an hour later saying “Yes” and offering to send a donation to cover postage and more.  I packed up the Bibles and four CDs and sent them off.  A few days later her cheque arrived and a couple of days later Alison emailed to let me know that the parcel had arrived safely.  A few days after that I had another email from Alison:

Rikky I thought I'd let you know that I love the NIV family bible.  With specs the print is very comfortable.  One of the cds is right up my street... have to hear the others.

Thanks to your shop for your outreach in this way. I pray that many people will receive the Word free from Lighthouse and be blessed and that your town will flourish.



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