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NEW CREATION NEWS – September 2019

In serving Him we are serving you

“Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved “    (Romans 10 v.13)

Recently we asked for your comments on how New Creation could serve you better in the future.  Many said we needed to move nearer the town centre and one dear friend gave us a very generous donation towards a move.  Number 13, Bampton Street became available so we prayed about it and now, by the time you read this, we hope to be in there sometime in September.  Obviously it needs fitting out so if you would like to help with cleaning, painting, etc. etc. please call in or ‘phone to say when you would like to come – and please join us in prayer, asking for God's guidance over the next few weeks.  Thank you and bless you.

As a form of celebration a good friend of New Creation, Richard Parrott, has organised a Quiz Evening for us on Saturday October 12th in St. Georges Extension.  We hope you will make up a team and come and join in.  If you are on your own or with a partner we’ll make up teams when you arrive.  Come and have fun and test your general knowledge!  (Further details will be sent to your Minister)

Another reason to join us in celebrating!  On October 4th New Creation will have been serving the Lord for 31 years, sharing the Gospel every weekday in the Tiverton area!  Over that time churches and individuals have been uplifted by this ministry, supported in crisis, encouraged and enabled in their work in the Lord's service and supplied with resources that help them spread the Gospel.  We hope and pray that, over the years, many souls will have been won for Jesus Christ our Lord.

Some dates for your diary (we can order resources for you)


Education Sunday   8th September

National Prayer Weekend   27th - 29th September

Churches Together in Tiverton Joint Service  29th September


Remembrance Sunday

Calendars, diaries and other Christmas stock will start arriving during the second half of September.  In case you need to catch the early overseas post we will endeavour to display them somewhere for you!.

 A big 'THANK YOU’ to everyone who has helped and supported this ministry over the last 31 years.  We have so much to be thankful for.  We are amazed how God has kept us here in Tiverton and we praise and worship Him for his enabling and encouragement.  He has sustained, provided, encouraged and enabled this outreach since 1988!  Please join with us to pray, praise and thank the Lord!

We trust God that the Gospel message that has gone out from this little shop will encourage you and, like ripples on a pond, reach far shores and bring much fruit.  We hope that Tiverton Christians will continue to support us in our new premises.  We realise that most things can be bought through the Internet but by using New Creation you are supporting this ministry and helping to reach many other people.  We pray that the Lord will empower us by His Holy Spirit to be daily witnesses for Him and to speak His Word with all boldness so that His love may be spread throughout the whole community.

(If you long to help the GOOD NEWS of JESUS get out into the community why not consider coming and joining our friendly team?)

15 December, 2019