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New Creation News – June 2019

O give thanks to the Lord, for He is good: for His mercy and loving-kindness endure forever
(Psalm 136 Amplified Bible)

Welcome to Penny, our new manager!

Penny has been our cook for a number of years and has served us all with delicious food. She has supported Val faithfully and, after prayer, has now offered to serve the Lord even further as our manager.   Obviously, until we appoint paid help, she will be relying on our dear volunteers to help her.  This means she will not be providing main meals any more.  However, snacks, soup, filled rolls, drinks and cakes will be available – please see the new menu.  WELCOME, dear PENNY!

…and goodbye to Val

Dear Val has retired after serving our Lord in New Creation for, amazingly, over 30 years!  We shall miss her so much – she knows the business inside out and has worked tirelessly to serve Jesus in the shop and by arranging bookstalls and preaching (she is a registered Methodist local preacher) at churches and chapels throughout the local area.  On Saturday 4th May we held an open day for her in New Creation and were able to present her with a monetary gift lovingly donated by customers, friends, volunteers, staff and trustees.  She was quite overwhelmed by the number who came to wish her a happy retirement and with other gifts of cards, flowers and chocolates.  We prayed with her and for her, asking the Lord to look after her and perhaps giving her fresh work for Him in the future.  We haven’t said goodbye completely though as she has promised to come back on Wednesdays for our weekly prayer meeting and as a volunteer.  

 Otherwise, GOODBYE, dear VAL!

How may we serve you?

It seems, from talking to many of you, that you do appreciate having a Christian shop in Tiverton, and we also get visitors here from many different places.  They make the journey to the town just to use us because their Christian shop has closed.  We are here to serve them and you and long to see this place used to its full potential.  So, how can we help you?  What do you need?  In the Lord’s name we are here to serve you – please tell us how we can help.

May the Lord bless you and keep you throughout the coming summer.

14 June, 2019